COVID-19 Patient Treatment Protocol

Castle Street Dental COVID-19

Patient Treatment Protocol

On arrival to work all staff will have their temperature taken and on return after lunch.

Pre appointment, by phone only, we no longer can accept walk ins to the practice: During the phone call, patient needs are assessed, and appointment made if necessary. Patient is advised of the following protocol for appointments

  • Patient pays a €50 deposit to secure their 1-hour appointment. The practice reserves the right to reallocate the appointment time if deposit is not paid. This deposit is applied off cost of treatment/time allocated for appointment. Patient is asked to come alone unless assistance is necessary. They are also advised not to bring bags, coats, or excess belongings.
  • The patient needs to arrive 5 mins before appointment time and call the practice from the car to notify of arrival. We will then be advised when the patient should come inside the front door. This only happens when staff are ready for the patient, no other patients are in the practice and the surgery is cleaned down and ready.
  • The patient is met by nurse inside the front entrance, she is wearing scrubs, gloves, surgical mask, and visor. Their temperature is taken, they must sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer provided. They are then asked a range of questions relating to symptoms of Covid 19. Treatment will be postponed if patient has a temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius.
  • The Patient is brought directly into the surgery, all belonging, keys, phone etc are left outside the treatment room.
  • Dentist and nurse change into the PPE gear that we have available:
    • Protective eye wear or visor
    • Range of Masks, Surgical mask, N95 Mask, Respirator
    • Latex gloves.
    • Plastic surgical gowns

Different levels of PPE are worn. This is determined based on treatment type. Baseline PPE for each patient is

  • Scrubs
  • Protective eye wear or visor
  • Surgical Mask
  • Latex Gloves

If treatment is determined to be high risk procedure including extractions, treatments which generate aerosols like fillings, root canal, scale and polish more extensive PPE is added

  • N95 Mask or respirator
  • Plastic Surgical Gown
  • High speed drill and scaler are used at a minimum. High volume aspirators used if high speed used, Rubber dam is used when appropriate.
  • Card payment is preferred but we will accept cash if no alternative this is to help ensure social distancing where possible. Patient calls card details to receptionist, No one else is present during the transaction. Receipt and any post treatment instructions are emailed to the patients.