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Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan From €40
Examination for PRSI patients free of charge (once annually)  free

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Hygiene Treatment with Hygienist (45 mins)

Scale & Polish for PRSI Eligible Patient (One 45min Appointment) See More Information



50% deposit must be paid on the day appointment is made to secure appointment time.

X-rays – Small From €35
Fillings – White  from €110
Fillings – Silver  from €100
Acrylic-based Dentures From €400-€1000
Metal-based Dentures From €1000-€1400
Root Canal Treatment (Tax Allowable)                                                               From €450-€650
Routine Extraction from €100
Core/Post Preparation From €65-€150
Crowns  (Tax Allowable) From€800
Tooth Whitening Home Whitening Kit including trays  From €250
Gum shields (in club colours)
From €80
Implant Restoration   (Tax Allowable) From €1000 per unit
 Night Guard From €250