What is your Hygiene Status?

Periodontal Disease

Healthy Gums V Periodontal Disease


Periodontal disease, under diagnosed and ignored by many. So many people disregard the symptoms. Bleeding , red, puffy gums, bad breath, bad taste in their mouth and tooth mobility. Often people only seek help when its too late. Healthy teeth are lost because of low bone levels. This in itself is a huge problem but what so many people don’t realise is that there is a link to your general health.


It is now clinically proven that inflammation caused by periodontal disease can affect your systemic health. The relationship between gum diseases and systemic conditions now extend beyond Heart disease and includes diabetes, respiratory disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes. 



It is recommended that you visit your Dentist at the very least once a year. From there your periodontal health can be assessed and managed.

Here at Castle Street Dental we tailor our patients care. Every patient is different, their needs are different and we recognise that.

We have devised a new periodontal diagnosis program that will see you the patient more educated about your treatment and more involved in changing your periodontal status. We have colour coded the different grades of Periodontal disease. Over the course of your treatment we want to help you improve your status, save your teeth and lower the risk factors associated with oral and systemic health.




So take control of your health one step at a time. Improve your oral hygiene at home, visit your dentist and establish your plan. Stick to the recommended visits as direct by the Dentist and Hygienist and help minimise your risk.

Click Here to read more on Periodontal Disease.

Or if you would like to find out more information call us on 0505 23000

You may be entitled to a FREE examination with your PRSI contribution or if you have a medical card.

Hygiene Care Plans start at €65 for a half hour session. All costs will be discussed prior to treatment.

Dr. Padraig O’Reachtagain and or Hygienist Shauna Behan look forward to taking care of your health.

12246861_990019414391595_7754591991624679107_n Shauna Behan



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